Guide to Fishing Near South Padre Island

Being surrounded by only the sweeping ocean vistas, breathing in fresh salty air and enjoying the stunning sunrise views is a unique experience that ocean fishing has to offer. If you have never been out in the ocean in a charter fishing boat but would like to try, I will tell you what to be prepared for.

Sunrise Over The Ocean

First of all, you don't need any special training or experience to take an ocean fishing trip. Nor will you need to purchase any fishing gear or outfit. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing with your legs and arms protected from the burning sun rays. A pair of comfortable boat shoes, pants and a long sleeve are a must have, along with a cap and sunglasses. A windbreaker will be fine too. Don't forget to apply a sunscreen with high SPF protection.

Padre Island Yacht Club

Book your fishing tour online and make sure you are not late. The ocean fishing tour usually lasts for 5 or 6 hours and there is morning or day tours you can choose from. I recommend early morning fishing as you will have a chance to meet a new day out in the ocean and you get just the right amount of sun exposure.

When you step aboard you will be given all the fishing gear you need, including fishing rods, baits, floats, hooks and sinkers. You will even be given bags for the fish you catch.

Red Snapper Fish

If you have never fished before it is not a problem as there are going to be experienced fishers on board the boat and they will gladly share their knowledge with you. Just watch what other people do, don't be shy to ask for advice and enjoy the great outdoors.

At the end of your fishing trip you will be offered to cut and fillet your catch for you if you need it. You had better delegate this job to the experienced fishermen as some fish may have spiky and even poisonous fins.

Slicing and Filleting of Red Snapper

The cost of ocean fishing trips is not cheap so whenever you have a chance try to find a coupon code or some discount to save. When you plan your fishing trip consider checking Groupon for nice offers. Other places where you can score a discount on entertainment of this sort include coupon sites, newspapers, magazines and even hotel stands with information about deals and special offers.

Experiencing something new is always exciting. Who knows, maybe fishing will become your new passion and a lifelong hobby to enjoy.