What Kind of Fish to Catch on South Padre Island

Located in the coastal part of Texas South Padre Island has got everything what it takes to be the ideal vacation destination: jaw-dropping beautiful beaches, awesome shopping and warm Gulf waters just perfect for year-round fishing and boating. Fishermen from all over the country haunt this place dreaming about catching the big fish. Remember "The Old Man and the Sea" by Earnest Hemingway? But here even the beginners can catch their biggest fish ever as these waters literally brim with it.

Kind of Fish to Catch on South Padre Island

So, what species of fish can you catch there? South Padre Island is known as the place where the big fish roam. And for a good reason. With numerous reefs located close to the shore, vast stretches of shallow waters and easy access to deep water the fishing opportunities are bountiful. South Padre Island boasts a great variety of what you can catch, including the species you can't find anywhere else in Texas. Whether fishing from the shore, on a charter boat or on a kayak there are dozens of fish to catch, such as dorado, tarpon, snook, catfish, bass, tuna, red snapper, Crevalle Jack, marlin, Spanish mackerel and more.

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Among the local favorites that are the "must catch" fish in this part of Texas are:


It's unbelievable, but you really have great chances of catching snook in Texas as this kind of fish spend the whole year in these waters. During the summer months snook can be found on the flats and near jetties. In the winter they go deeper. Whatever the season these fish are one of the favorites among the local fishermen.


It is another warm-water fish that stays near South Padre Island most of the year. However, the best time to catch them is August through early October when they often move along the beaches and jetties.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper regulations are very strict throughout the country and when it comes to federal waters fishing is allowed for a couple of months each year. But in Texas you can catch Snapper all year round. This fish is known for its delicate meat which is considered one of the most delicious.


If you visit South Padre Island in the summer, make sure you charter a boat and head at least 30 miles off the shore. There you can catch Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna.


If you venture deep sea fishing you may catch not only Tuna alone, but also Wahoo and even Blue Marlin and Sailfish.


Shark fishing is becoming rather popular in South Padre Island. You can easily catch these toothy predators near the beach or in the bay. If you are the beginner Blacktips and Bonnetheads will be your targets. If you need more adrenaline head farther out to tackle Bull Sharks and even Hammerheads. Catching shark is allowed only for recreational purposes so you should release them safe. You have higher chances of catching sharks in summer when there are lots of different fish in shallow water. It should be noted that sharks hunt at night so night fishing will guarantee good catch.

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